Daniel Joslyn

I am a PhD Can­di­date in U.S. His­to­ry at New York Uni­ver­si­ty, whose work recov­ers a large­ly for­got­ten transna­tion­al mys­ti­cal fem­i­nist social­ist move­ment at the turn of the twen­ti­eth century.

I am also cur­rent­ly work­ing with a group of bril­liant peo­ple to build an Orga­niz­ing Resource Library by and for orga­niz­ers across move­ments in and around New York City to co-locate, find and pre­serve mate­ri­als vital to their orga­niz­ing work.

In my research, I explore the ques­tions of how and why cer­tain ideas become pop­u­lar at cer­tain times; what the role of New Age reli­gious move­ments has been and can be in social­ist thought; and how intel­lec­tu­al and reli­gious tra­di­tions are trans­mit­ted and change over time; in short, how, why and when new thoughts become think­able and bet­ter ways of being possible.

In my teach­ing, I inte­grate pop­u­lar cul­ture and aca­d­e­m­ic research to invite my stu­dents into activist work. I teach class­es on the his­to­ry of activism to allow stu­dents   to sit­u­ate them­selves and the upris­ings around them with­in, long, transna­tion­al tra­di­tions of strug­gling for social jus­tice, and to equip them with the tools to crit­i­cal­ly and lov­ing­ly encounter and chal­lenge the world around them.

In my orga­niz­ing, I am com­mit­ted to sup­port­ing com­mu­ni­ties, kin, and insti­tu­tions that cen­ter the needs and expe­ri­ences of mar­gin­al­ized peo­ples, and to explor­ing how my work can in some small way help strength­en a transna­tion­al left.